1. Are you accredited?

    We do not issue diplomas or degrees, therefore accreditation is not required and any licenses that is being offered are issued directly through the State of Florida.
    We are a training center, and as a training center we are able to offer our classes at a fraction of the cost of universities, colleges, and private institutions that have gone through an accreditation process.

  2. Do you offer a payment plan?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans. Our classes are too small and too short to offer a payment plan.

  3. Can I pay in full online?

    After you have paid your registration fee, you will receive access to your class portal where additional payments can be made.

  4. Why is your Phlebotomy class only 1 day?

    We are able to offer this Fast Track program because we do not spend 6 weeks to practice on other students. Florida does not require a license to be a phlebotomist or lab assistant. Therefore, our students receive straight to the point information and knowledge. Students practice on manikin arms under the supervision of a experienced and certified phlebotomist.