We are an American Heart Association and American Health and Safety Institute approved training center.
We offer classes Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. No evening or weekend classes at this time.

We provide group and individual training for Basic Life Support, Healthcare Providers, AED Training, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens also known as HIV Infection Control.

Our classes are approved training for Nurses, CNAs, APD providers and Teachers.

  1. First Aid Training $35

  2. CPR Training $50

  3. CPR and First Aid Training $65

  4. CPR - First Aid - BBP/HIV $75

  5. HIV / Bloodborne Pathogens $35

What to Expect from our CPR and First Aid Certification Courses?
"You should expect small class sizes. Our students are wearing facemask while in class and are practicing social distancing for everyones safety. When taking  CPR classes at our training center you will learn CPR, AED and choking skills for ALL ages,
Our First Aid training covers common scenarios including: bleeding, burns, poisoning, shock, and respiratory emergencies. We will break it down for you in an way that makes this class understandable, relatable and also Fun. In a nutshell, you will leave your CPR and First Aid class with the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence you need to help save a life."